How can I use vouchers, discounts and access keys?

There are basically three different types of codes in the Eventfrog application: Access codes for protected categories, discount codes from organisers and Eventfrog gift vouchers that have a code.

These codes work differently and have different purposes.


Eventfrog - gift voucher

Vouchers from Eventfrog are to be understood as credit vouchers.

The voucher has a certain value that you can apply to your order.

Accordingly, you enter this in the purchase process after you have placed your tickets in the shopping basket.

Find out more about the Eventfrog gift voucher here: How to use gift vouchers from Eventfrog >

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Promo and discount codes from organisers

Eventfrog gives organisers the opportunity to create special discount codes for their event and hand them out to their visitors for the purchase of tickets.

Such a discount is granted as a percentage or as a fixed amount and is applied to all tickets for this one event when an order is placed.

Like the Eventfrog gift voucher, it is entered during the purchase process before selecting the payment method.

If you have any questions about this discount, please contact the organiser directly: Contact organiser >

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Access key as a discount for certain categories

The third type of discounts are access keys that organisers provide for certain categories.

These access keys must be entered in order to be able to select tickets in certain categories.

To do this, first click on «Enter Access key»

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A field will now appear in which you can enter the access code you received from the organiser.

Enter the code and click on «Apply».

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The category that was previously not visible will now appear. You can recognise it by the small key.

Now you can select the number of tickets you want. Please note that some access keys are only valid for a certain number of tickets. The organiser will inform you of this and an error message will appear. If you have any questions, you can contact her or him: Contact organiser:in

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