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Have you always wondered how Eventfrog came about and why we are so different?

How it all began

In autumn 2014, a team member expressed his frustration to us when he wanted to hold an event with his sports club. Motivated and full of anticipation for his event, he had been looking for a solution to sell his tickets online. Unfortunately, he soon realised that it wasn't that easy.

On the one hand, there were the major international providers, whose overpriced and non-transparent pricing models were out of the question for his club anyway. On the other hand, there were some small niche providers that he wasn't really sure how reputable they were and whether their technology was from the last millennium.

Then we'll just do it ourselves...

But wait, we haven't even introduced ourselves yet: "We" are Mike, Reto and Urs, founders of the e-commerce agency MySign (and founders of Eventfrog - but more on that in a moment). We also organise numerous events in our clubs in our leisure time and attend many cultural and sporting events ourselves. That's precisely why we decided to support his sports club and find a solution to his problem. So we launched a project within our company for a ticketing solution that also works for smaller events. In two innovation weeks, which we held specifically on this topic with 5 people each, we tried to create the ideal platform together.

We came up with the following principles:

  1. Free of charge, thanks to new business model
    There should be a free ticketing offer that is also suitable for smaller clubs that are short of money. Our idea was to invent a new business model that would no longer incur any fees for event organisers or ticket buyers. An offer that didn't even exist on the market yet.

  2. Guaranteed simple
    The tool should be effortless to use and user-friendly. Both smaller and larger event organisers should be able to sell their tickets easily online.

  3. Together instead of against each other
    The feedback and wishes of event organisers should be continuously incorporated into the improvement of the platform. Unlike other providers, we do not want to exploit event organisers, but rather work with them to create the best event platform in the world.

A functional prototype was quickly developed and could be successfully used and tested at the sports club's event. After further innovation workshops and further developments, the time had finally come in summer 2016: we proudly founded Eventfrog in Olten - in the heart of Switzerland.

Since then, we have experienced a lot together: several thousand events have been organised via the platform, our team has grown steadily and Eventfrog has received several awards. Within just a few years, a small idea became the largest event platform in Switzerland. We have now also launched in Germany.

Our mission has not changed since then: We still want to revolutionise the event industry and create fair conditions for all event organisers and ticket buyers.

Why are we doing this? Simply because we love events and culture.

The founders of Eventfrog

Mike, Reto, Urs

An honourable idea

Our vision was honoured with the InnoPrix SoBa 2016 in our founding year.

In 2021, we received the Solothurn Entrepreneur Award for our innovative and crisis-proof business model.

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