Why have I not received a ticket?

You have not received an order confirmation by e-mail, neither do you see your order in the order overview?
Then please check whether the amount has been debited from your payment provider's account.

If you have been charged, please contact our support team by email at support@eventfrog.net and send us the payment reference number and other information (event name, event date, order date and time, amount, etc.) relating to your order.

If no transaction is displayed for your chosen payment method, try placing the order again. Please note the possible sources of failure:

Common sources of error

  • Incorrect details
    Please check that you have entered all details (credit card number, expiry date, CVV code, etc.) correctly.
  • Waited too long?
    If it took longer than 15 minutes between clicking on «Checkout» and completing the payment, the payment could not be completed correctly.
  • Missing 3D-Secure code
    For security reasons, the 3D Secure procedure is used for credit card payments (Mastercard, Visa). This must be set up correctly for credit card payments to work.
    Further information on the 3D-Secure procedure >
  • Interruption of the Internet connection
    If the Internet connection is interrupted or the network is unstable, the payment process may be interrupted.
  • Maintenance work / service updates
    We carry out regular service updates to improve the stability of the platform and add further functions. There may be interruptions during these updates.